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Clients often share their experiences with us. We thought we'd share a few of their emails with you.

To: “michael@stage.gktraining.com <michael@stage.gktraining.com>

Dear Michael:

Please see the press release below (link). You were instrumental in me making partner and I’m deeply grateful to you and your team for your help.

The one thing that was keeping me from this promotion was a (perceived or real) need to improve my oral advocacy skills. And what got me over that was my performance at the two hearings I had in October and December of last year, on which we worked together. In fact, the day after I returned from the December hearing, the two senior partners that had been critical of my oral advocacy skills called me to tell me that I should get promoted to partner this year. I could not have excelled at those hearings without you and your team, and the work that we did together. And without excelling at those hearings I wouldn’t have been promoted. So I’m not exaggerating one bit when I say that you were instrumental. Thank you so much!!

And as I’m sure you suspected, when I asked you for advice a few weeks ago for an important meeting, it was for my partnership interview. Thank you for jumping in so quickly and with your super helpful advice. All that yawning before the interview worked!

I know you have a busy schedule but I would really like to celebrate this promotion with you. Perhaps we could have lunch once I’m back at work next year?

In the meantime, take care and happy holidays!

From: Brad D. 
Sent: Wednesday June 5, 2019 1:34 PM
To: Paige B. 
Cc: Dan A. 
Subject: Today


I wanted to tell you that there was a very noticeable difference in your demeanor and confidence in the meeting today. You took up space, looked everyone in the eye, and spoke with confidence. It appears that your time with Michael is paying off. The results, from what I could tell today, speak volumes. Keep doing what you’re doing. Excellent job!

Brad D. | Senior Vice President | Private Banking

From: Willam O. 
Date: Mar 1, 2019, at 8:47 AM, 
Subject: Thank you
To: “michael@stage.gktraining.com <michael@stage.gktraining.com>

Good morning,

I must tell you that our team continues to come to me enthusiastically today, a full week and a day after your training session that you and your awesome team conducted for us in LA last week, to tell me how much they thoroughly enjoyed the experience and what they learned!

I’m writing this morning to introduce you to yet another of my colleagues who has heard the enthusiasm we feel for you and your team, and he would be interested in speaking with you further. Please meet Ed, copied here, who is our amazing Director of Global Talent Management. We shared our feedback from last week with Ed yesterday, and I think he’d love to connect with you as he has some great ideas for his team’s development that seemed to align quite nicely with all the positive stories we shared with him that we brought from our experience with you.

Thanks again for everything – you all were amazing!

Best regards,


William O.
Director of Construction

From: Jack P.
Date: Wed, April 8, 2020, at 8:07 PM 
Subject: Thank you
To: Michael Chad Hoeppner <michael@stage.gktraining.com>
Cc: H., Lauren


Thank you very much for the excellent presentation at our meeting yesterday. We had something like 215 participants, and I’m glad such a large number of our lawyers got to see and hear your presentation.

I received a lot of unsolicited, positive comments about your presentation from my colleagues. To take just one example, the global practice group leader for our antitrust practice group, which makes up the biggest of the three practice groups in my section, wrote me the following message a few minutes after you signed off yesterday:

I loved your guest speaker. I was expecting a B- He was an A or an A+.

Real insights.

Some of that stuff is like 1892 elocution classes. You know, those had their place!
This particular partner is a hard grader, and I take his comment about “expecting a B-” to come from his characteristic skepticism about outside consultants. But, from wherever it came, you obviously turned him around. So thanks.

Best regards,


Jack P. | Partner

From: w., Lawrence
Date: Fri, April 10, 2020, at 12:10 AM 
Subject: A Huge Thank you!
To: michael@stage.gktraining.com <michael@stage.gktraining.com>
Cc: S., Alexandria


Thanks so much for sharing your insights with us on Tuesday. I really enjoyed the training session that you gave to my colleagues and me and I wanted to thank you for that. It was excellent and informative, and I did my best today to practice what I learned!

Thanks again, Michael.


Lawrence W. 

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