Group Training

from 5 to 5000 people,
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Innovative approaches to group training, delivered virtually or in-person.

Today's workforce communicates in new ways. Our group training programs are built to create stronger communicators for any situation—one-on-one calls, group videoconferences, remote product demos, or just an old-fashioned meeting around a table.

When you invest in people, what sort of return should you expect?

Our programs help organizations support their people, and those people drive the organization's ultimate success. GK's group training works, and we regularly receive feedback like this:

Participants don't just think our sessions are effective, though, they actually LIKE them. Here's some qualitative feedback from the same program:

If you're curious about a concrete, real-world ROI, take a look at this year-end review from one of our sales training clients:

Follow-up tools for continued improvement.

Skill retention is one of the biggest challenges in professional development. GK Training offers a variety of tools that help participants in group training programs integrate their new skills into their work. Reinforcement emails, access to additional online training, even a customized world in our practice app, Question Roulette: We work with clients to make sure they continue to see a return from the folks they've invested in.

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