Experience communication training
in virtual reality.

We've integrated our training techniques into a one-of-a-kind VR experience.

Our VR app is designed to offer clients a consequence- and judgement-free place to practice their skills. The participant gets immersed in a training world where they can focus on their areas of weakness, with the full sensory stimuli of a virtual reality environment.

Take a tour below of some of the experiences available via this custom VR app.

The Genuine Dojo

When a user first puts on the headset, they are greeted by a welcome video that explains how the tool works. They then see portals to the available programs: a physical and vocal warm-up environment, a series of tongue twister demonstrations, a vocal clarity drill (with a 2500-year-old pedigree), an eye contact game, and a stadium exercise for practicing large-scale public speaking.

Our warm-up environment gives participants an immersive place to physically and vocally prime their bodies to communicate.

The vocal clarity and enunciation environment uses a principle that is literally millennia old: We ask participants to practice with an impediment between their teeth, in the virtual setting of a seashore. This was the training regimen of the most famous orator of Ancient Greece, Demosthenes. Users can dial up or down the volume of the waves to give themselves the task of speaking over the sound of the water lapping at their feet. Like a sprinter running with a parachute on or a swimmer doing laps wearing a baggy swimsuit, this resistance training greatly improves the user’s diction, clarity, and vocal presence.

In this environment participants are placed in the middle of a major league baseball stadium. They then can choose from three different soundtracks: the ambient sound of the stadium, the sound of a heartbeat racing in their ear, or the sound of calming classical music. The user can practice “public speaking” to an audience of 40,000 people, and then make their practice either calmer or more challenging by switching around the audio stimuli that they receive.

This eye contact drill is set up in a corporate boardroom. Real-life actors play executives and the user's perspective looks out onto these five faces staring back at them as they deliver a presentation.

Any time the user is making direct eye contact with one of the executives, the VR headset is silent. The moment they look away, the software plays heavy metal music. The user quickly learns to keep their focus on the people in the room, without glancing away. For people who find holding eye contact challenging—because they might find it awkward, uncomfortable, or nerve-racking—this is an excellent tool to fine-tune their technique, without having to use a real person to do so.

Our clients use GK's innovative tools. Want to try one out?

Our app Question Roulette uses machine learning and speech recognition software to help individuals and organizations communicate better. It provides detailed metrics down to the words you use. It can even track all those "ums" and "you knows". It's that powerful.  


Download and let us know how it goes.