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Improve your public speaking skills with this innovative app

With Question Roulette, you can practice for interviews, presentations, pitches, or any other occasion that requires public speaking. Get tailored feedback and learn how to improve.

Download this question and answer app today and start practicing answering questions.

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Watch this video for a guided tour of Question Roulette, led by founder Michael Chad Hoeppner

A question app to prepare you for common difficult interview questions

Question Roulette helps you practice and tracks your improvement. This app provides a concrete, effective way to work on your public speaking skills. Here’s a small sample of the common difficult interview questions or objections you can practice answering:

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

“Tell me about a time that you failed.”

“What is a strategic problem that you have solved?”

“When was a time that you had to go against popular opinion?”

Practicing out loud is the best way to prepare for an interview or presentation, and our communication skills app makes it easy and fun. Improve your performance and build confidence before you ever get in the room.

A question app to prepare you for common difficult interview questions

Choose one of three different modes in our question and answer app:

Choose a Question (you decide)

Roulette (the app chooses a question for you)

Rapid Fire (answer without any prep time)

Record your answer

Listen to your recording

Get quick metrics and feedback

Complete a self-assessment

Save or delete your recording

Share your recordings with the community

Get honest feedback

Track your progress

Start working on your communication skills and training interview questions today.

Why train with Question Roulette? 

Practice Makes Perfect

People struggle in interviews or presentations because they don’t practice out loud, and because they don’t have a source of objective, actionable advice. Our question app makes it easy and fun to actually practice, and also gives you concrete feedback on how you’re doing and how to improve.

Get data on your recorded answers

Once you record answers to difficult interview questions, our app creates a transcript and displays a set of metrics: time speaking, filler language used, and words per second. Our question and answer app will then link to tips and videos to help you improve in specific categories.

Evaluate yourself, create a library of great answers, and get feedback

After recording an answer, listening to it, and completing a self-assessment you can either delete your response or save it for future reference. If you want to get feedback from other users, you can open it up to the community for input. 

Learn from communication experts

This app was designed by GK Training, a boutique communications training firm based in New York City that works with law firms, universities, Fortune 500 companies, and individuals around the world. Using kinesthetic learning methods, they teach specific, actionable, and repeatable skills in speaking, writing, and selling. Visit for more info.

Much more than just a question app!



Practice what matters the most to you: personal, professional, challenging, everyday. Communication is one of the foundations of success.

Most common Goal: Eliminating filler words

Choose and add filler words you want to spot and avoid in your speech, such as “um/uh,” “like,” “kind of,” “I mean,” and many others.

Access to tips and videos

Get access to video tips created by our team of experts, with warm-ups, tongue twisters, drills, and more.



Purchase question expansion packs for more in-depth practice in specific areas. Get 20+ challenging start-up and entrepreneurship-related questions for only $.99.

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