Virtual communication
is here to stay.

GK Training is here to help.

virtual communication in today's world
As we all take steps to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, companies, organizations, schools, and governments have embraced remote communication, and are striving to make sure it’s effective and productive. They are implementing state-of-the art tele-conference tools, project management software, remote collaboration frameworks—wherever people and teams can be technologically supported, companies are stepping in. GK Training has been hard at work in the same vein, developing ways to work with our clients remotely, as well as creating free resources to help folks who find themselves working from home thrive as communicators and leaders.

On this page you’ll find info on GK Training Online, our  online learning academy; links to free video tips for remote working on our YouTube channel; downloadable virtual communication resources; as well as access to our blog and a newsletter sign-up. As always, feel free to reach out directly at

Remote work and virtual team communication are the new normal.

To help companies navigate the current environment, GK is supporting our clients with fully virtual training. The most popular offering right now—no surprise—is Effective Remote Communication. This comprehensive, 14-lesson course is full of concrete, actionable tools to improve your communication on the phone or on videoconference—anytime you aren’t in the same room as your audience. Course includes a downloadable practice app and a suite of kinesthetic tools developed over a decade of coaching executives, attorneys, salespeople, political candidates, and graduate students.

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Resources built for now.

On the phone, in a videoconference, or face-to-face: find tools and tips to help with all types of communication.

Our YouTube channel offers a variety of tools to learn new skills or help reinforce old ones, including guided warm-ups, public webinars, and keynote talks. We’re also hosting a GK Weekday Warm-up, live, Monday through Friday, at 8:50am Eastern time. Email for free access (we promise: no Zoom bombers).

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