LeRoy’s diverse educational and professional background lends itself perfectly to his coaching work – he specializes in helping clients increase their vocal presence, strengthen connectivity and physicality, as well as helping them structure their presentations to maximize clarity and precision in their communication.



LeRoy McClain is a multiple award-winning stage and screen actor and producer. Drawn to competitive public speaking and debate from a young age, LeRoy specializes in the fundamentals of effective communication and professional presence.  He trained at the National Theatre of Great Britain and earned his MFA from the Yale School of Dramawhere he developed a deep understanding of vocal and physical techniques and how they can be applied to interpersonal communications in our daily lives, as well as the workplace. As a private coach, LeRoy helps clients increase vocal presence, strengthen connectivity and physicality, as well as organize presentations to maximize clarity and precision.  A finalist for the Rhodes Scholarship, he has been a guest lecturer at Princeton University, Southern Methodist University, and the University of Texas at Austin. 

As an actor, LeRoy has performed leading roles on various stages across the United States, on Broadway and internationally.  In film and television, he has worked extensivelyappearing on shows for HBO, AMC, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many other networks. LeRoy has also had starring roles in major motion pictures and video games. For his acting work, he has received several recognitions and awards, including the prestigious Screen Actors Guild Award in 2020..

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