Intuit: The Power of Storytelling - Boost #3

Humans have been telling stories since, well, since there were humans. Narrative is an immensely powerful tool for engaging an audience or individual listener, for organizing and conveying complex information, and for ensuring that messages are impactful. We all understand this, but bringing it to bear in a professional setting can be a challenge.

Lots of folks have a fixed mindset about storytelling: you might find yourself saying something like “Dana is so great telling stories, I’ll never be able to do what they do.” But storytelling is a skill like any other—you can learn it, practice it, and get better at it. This boost is all about giving you concrete tools to do just that.

Here's a deeper dive into Story:

And here's a tool you can use to get started:

Download the PDF at the right and use it to brainstorm and craft a story you can use in an upcoming meeting, presentation, or other professional communication opportunity.

But don't stop there.

Keep improving with the resources below.

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