“Most people think that singers, performers and actors don’t get nervous. I’m here to tell you that that isn’t actually true. Most people — even professional performers — DO get nervous when they are in high stakes situations. The difference between these people and you is that they know how to perform at their best even when they are nervous. Through my decades of stage experience and using the GK methodology I am so grateful to be able to change people’s minds about performing, giving them tools that they can use every day to perform at their very best. “



Hilary Kole is the Vice-President of GK Training and a Senior Trainer with an expertise and emphasis on vocal production and live performance techniques. She trains executives and directors from major corporations around the world, including New York’s top financial and accounting firms, international law firms, leading health care and pharmaceutical companies, and technology industries in presentation, meeting skills, sales training, and interpersonal business skills. 

A renowned jazz singer and recording artist, Hilary has performed as a featured soloist at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Town Hall, and around the world at major festivals and performance halls. She has performed alongside music legends Dave Brubeck, Oscar Peterson, Michel LeGrand, Nancy Wilson, and Quincy Jones, among others. Hilary received her conservatory training at the renowned Manhattan School of Music.

Hilary uses her years of experience as a professional vocalist to help clients improve their vocal and physical presence, master nerves, and execute with consistency, spontaneity and authenticity.

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