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Cassandra Freeman is a senior executive coach at GK Training, a performing artist, a dedicated teacher, and a sought-after speaker and thought leader. Her expertise and experience extend across a multitude of professional arenas, from gracing Hollywood’s big screen to empowering disadvantaged youth in Rwanda.

With an extensive background in both performance and education, Cassandra straddles diverse worlds. In her role as a coach at GK Training, she helps her clients improve their communication, team dynamics, collaboration, diversity training, and sales techniques. As a teacher, Cassandra taught at Fordham University for close to a decade, as well as spoke as a guest lecturer at prestigious institutions such as Vassar College, New York Film Academy, and Rutgers University.

A passionate advocate for social change, Cassandra also focuses on humanitarian and philanthropic causes. She was the founder of the Kassandra Arts Project (KAP), an organization that empowered underprivileged children by unlocking their creative potential. Through KAP’s transformative programs, Cassandra helped to make a difference in the lives of young people, particularly in Rwanda, Africa. Working in collaboration with the Peace Corps, she helped hundreds of kids who survived the Rwandan genocide, and worked with women and mother’s who were rebuilding their lives in Cyangugu, Africa.

Cassandra’s also an established Hollywood actress with two decades of credits and memorable roles. She is best known for her current role in the hit TV Series Bel Air, where she portrays the iconic “Aunt Viv”. But her portfolio includes appearances in Hollywood hits like Chris Rock’s “I Think I Love My Wife” and Spike Lee’s “Inside Man” alongside Denzel Washington, and TV roles in acclaimed series like Netflix’s “Luke Cage” and FX’s “Atlanta.”

Cassandra is also a founding member of Creatricity, an exclusive community and tech platform revolutionizing the media and entertainment industry. By nurturing connections among entertainment professionals and streamlining workflows, Creatricity is committed to advancing creatives and fostering a more integrated and diverse industry.

Cassandra earned her Master of Fine Arts from New York University and her BA from Florida State University.

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