March 2023


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We hope you’ve been warming up your breath, body, and voice over the last few weeks (if not, start now!). This month we’re sharing resources to help with another of the physical foundations of effective communication: “good” posture. Why is good in quotes? Because many of us have gotten terrible advice about posture—Sit up straight! Shoulders down and back!

This kind of advice often leads to tension, and tension is not your friend. If your neck or back hurt frequently, you’ve ever lost your voice from speaking to much, or feel physically fatigued after a day of Zoom calls, it’s likely you need a posture re-set.

The video above walks you through a guided visualization that will help you embrace a posture that is upright without being stiff, powerful yet relaxed and free. Try adding this to your warm-up routine and see how it impacts your breath, your movement, and your voice. And come back to it often throughout the day.

We’re also including some content from our online course Executive Presence 1.0. When you’re ready to go deeper, you can watch the video on Squatting below and see how that can help with posture. Then go even further with an introduction to the Alexander Technique (also below). If that last video piques your interest, send us an email and we can connect you with further Alexander resources.

Do yourself this favor: pay attention to your posture throughout you workday. See how it impacts your communication, and even your sense of well-being. You’ll be glad you did.

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