July 2023

Vocal Variety (Part 1)

Good communication comes from using more of ourselves, not less. As we progress in our lives and our education and our careers, we tend to use less and less expressiveness and variety in our communication. Because that sounds more professional, right?


If you’ve developed a “professional mode” that limits the amount of physical and vocal expressiveness you use when speaking at work, you’re doing yourself—and your audience!—a disservice.

This month and next we’ll be sharing resources to help you reclaim what we call The Five P’s of Vocal Variety: Pace, Pitch, Pause, Power, and Placement. We’ll start with an explainer that covers each and then our go-to kinesthetic drill or reclaiming some of the physical and vocal expressiveness we may have lost over the years.

Keep an eye out for additional resources on the same topic next month.

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