Let’s start here.

You’re about to learn a drill that entrepreneur and actress Cassandra Freeman of Peacock’s Bel-Air uses daily. How does she use it?

We use this drill everywhere.

And one of those places is to teach high school kids how to speak in public. (Keep an eye out for the Lego bricks at 1:37)

Including coaching Presidential Candidates

Listen to GK founder Michael Chad Hoeppner talk about the importance of kinesthetic learning on Andrew Yang’s podcast.

And this is where it all started.

Michael Chad Hoeppner invented the Lego Drill ~2010, and this #oldschool recording is a classic from the archives but the tool is evergreen – so click here to learn how to use it!

In 5 minutes you can change habits…

that might have been bugging you for 5 or 15 or 50 years. But bad news: you have to read about 3 pages. If you can spare 5 mins…click below to download!