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salesIt’s a cliché that’s true: selling is about relationships. And relationships are built word by word, email by email, conversation by conversation, meeting by meeting. Are you performing as well and as authentically as you could be? Or if you’re leading a team or company, are your employees?

LinkedIN, targeted email campaigns, Twitter, and all the new technologies yet to be invented may have changed (and will continue to change) how we manage selling, but the fundamentals of being a good salesperson remain the same, as they have since the beginning of currency: authentic relationship building; impeccable customer service; accountability; personal connections.

This program guides individuals or groups through all the steps of the sales cycle and fits in seamlessly to existing strengths of your organization.
propresenceGravitas. Authority. Credibility. Want your suggestions taken seriously? Want the confidence to insert your opinion in any conversation or business setting? We can teach the how-to of presence. It’s not innate; it’s not just charisma or confidence. It can be learned, nurtured, and mastered. We teach groups and individuals how.
emailefficacyHow many emails did you write this week? Were they good? Email is not the new telegraph: brief languagge with typos can bee off-putting [stop] speedinesss in respons time does not necessarily makke up for the sloppy impression [stop] tone is notorroiusly hard to understandd in an email [stop]

Email IS the new letter-writing. Twenty years ago would you have predicted that we all spend significant time each day writing letters to our loved ones and colleagues? Sounds like 18th Century Russia. And yet here we are. Are your letters as good as they could be? Is the tone right? Are they helping your revenue, business, relationships, credibility, etc or hurting?
negotiatingWhile people need analytical skills to identify the best solution in any situation, a broad array of negotiation skills are needed to get these solutions over the finish line. In this program, participants explore the techniques experientially, planning for and roleplaying varied negotiations. They then assess their own strategies and outcomes and that of their negotiation partner. Participants will gain skill in managing the deals and negotiations that pertain to different business settings.
teambuildingTeam-building events need two things: 1) everyone needs to participate and participate fully, and 2) everyone needs to walk away with something tangible and memorable. Many programs fall down on one of these two. Some times the program is way out of left field and people actually shy away from participating. Some times people are motivated and inspired, but they don’t leave with anything tangible.

This program is both: fun, creative, and energizing, but laser-focused on giving each person a very tangible takeaway that they can apply in their professional lives. Using techniques from the world of theatre and improvisation as well as more traditional professional development, we teach clients to build community through unconventional collaboration, find creative solutions from unexpected “experts," and foster stronger communication through story-telling and group narrative.
rebootWhat you say; how you say it; where you say it. What you write; how you write it; where you write it. Every aspect of how your company handles its communication should support every other aspect.

We help companies develop, refine, and perfect a unified corporate voice across all its communication channels.

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