“Michael is an excellent teacher and coach! His manner was just perfect – he handled the group so well and made us comfortable. And he immediately identified the one or two main skills that transformed each person’s delivery. I would love some more training and I never thought I would say that!”
— Rose Harvey, The Trust for Public Land 

“Michael’s work was incredibly helpful. I can’t tell you how much more comfortable I’m feeling when I present. I can breathe and relax now when I’m in front of people! I’m actually looking forward to presentations.”
— Mary Alice Lee, City Spaces Program, NYC

“Rooted in reality, better than John Cleese, and a helluvalota fun, Michael will invigorate your business and make sure you are on track for prosperity because you communicate effectively.”
— Tom Murtha, Independent Financial Manager

“I found my experience with Michael to be an incredibly powerful journey of personal transformation.”
— Intellectual Property Attorney New York , NY

Michael connects very well to the things that make me tic… the coaching was great because it was something I couldn’t B.S. my way out of.
— Architect Tel Aviv, Israel>

“The coaching was extremely effective. We mapped specific solutions based on my skills and needs. I now can effectively breathe and calm myself down in order to communicate my message more effectively – in person or on-camera. I liked that the coaching reinforced and built on my personal development.”
– Manager, Swiss Re

“Our work enabled me to focus on and set an agenda to change aspects of my communication style that other training environments cannot provide. We found elements of my body language and speaking style that can be modified with attention and effort but would mostly go unnoticed without a coach-like relationship. I am much more confident in many aspects of my communication style. I would absolutely recommend this process to anyone!”
– Brian Jewwett, Computer Associates

“ It was very relevant to challenges I face. It was very upbeat, interesting, and interactive.”
— Johnson & Johnson

“I was privileged to work with Kim. We worked directly with customers and created sales strategies to gain new customers and close business. Kim has an amazing ability to connect with anyone. She is engaged and engaging, and her genuine interest in what the other person is saying shines through. Others instinctively know they can trust her and respond by opening up to her. She would be an asset to any sales organization.”
— Linda Rening, PhD, Learning Strategy Director, BI, the Business Improvement Company

“Kim Jordan brings so many outstanding attributes to organizations looking for high performers. She brings the insatiable desire to learn, an incredible work ethic and the self-discipline and dedication to any task at hand. Her cooperative manner backed by a strong set of values will help foster and build teamwork…truly a high-performing talent.”
— Debbie Jessup, President, Key Bank of Colorado

“Kim has impressed me with her ability to build strong business relationships that are leveraged to yield mutually beneficial partnerships. She is patient and persistent and is skilled at negotiating complex business relationships within the B2B and B2G channels.”
— Morley Ivers, Chief Rewards Officer, RecycleBank