to Presidential candidates, high school students,
and everyone in between.

Communication is at the heart of every modern organization. Whether internal or external, informative or persuasive, high leverage or everyday—talking and writing are how business gets done. GK Training takes proven techniques from performance traditions and great literature, distills them to their essentials, and then teaches concrete and repeatable skills that improve communication in any setting.
Our coaching works. Period.

We focus on four skills:


Executive Presence
Presentation Skills
Q&A and Impromptu


Interpersonal Persuasion
Question Awareness & Agility
Overcoming Objections
Cross-Selling & Upselling


Effective Email
Written Storytelling
Building Slide Decks


Leadership Style
Conversational Agility
Delivering Feedback
Team Building

Bespoke presentation skills training. Collaborative selling. Writing that gets results. Leadership techniques that work. Built for now.

We work with Fortune 500 companies across industries—from finance to pharma—as well as universities, start-ups, nonprofits, and over half of the current Am Law 100. Regardless of role or experience, GK Training helps people hone their communication skills, in pursuit of their professional and personal goals.

We help blue chip
organizations like these

transform their entire organization,
or transform a single individual's skills:

Speak. Sell. Write. Lead.

Contact us today for more information on each of our programs and how they can help your organization.

executive coaching services

Customized Training Programs

virtual communication GK Training Online

Online Classes

presentation skills training

Group Webinars

Whether you’ve just met us, are in the RFP stage, or have to train 200 people a month from now, we’re happy to share our ideas and discuss our executive coaching services. Give us a call at 1-800-799-8905 or email us at

Virtual communication
is here to stay.

On the phone, in a videoconference, or face-to-face: find tools and tips to help with all types of communication. From remote presentation skills to virtual business development.

To help companies navigate the current environment, GK is supporting our clients with fully virtual training. The most popular offering right now—no surprise—is Effective Remote Communication. This comprehensive, 14-lesson course is full of concrete, actionable tools to improve your communication on the phone or on videoconference—anytime you aren’t in the same room as your audience. Course includes a downloadable practice app and a suite of kinesthetic tools developed over a decade of providing executive coaching services to managers, attorneys, salespeople, political candidates, and graduate students.

Additionally, our YouTube channel offers a variety of tools to learn new skills or help reinforce old ones: guided warm-ups, public webinars, and keynote talks. We’re also hosting a GK Weekday Warm-up, live, Monday through Friday at 8:50am Eastern time. Email for free access (we promise: no Zoom bombers).

Innovative technology,
to help you improve.
communication skills app
Combine machine learning, powerful speech recognition software, and communication training that's 2000 years old:
That's Question Roulette.

Practicing out loud is the best way to improve, and our free interactive training app makes it easy and fun. Use it to prepare for a presentation, a pitch, an interview, or a networking event. Record answers to common questions, read a transcript, and get immediate, concrete metrics on your communication.


Download it today.

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